Toothpaste Tabs

Cutting the Waste of Toothpaste Tubes

Toothpaste Tabs Help Reduce Waste and Promote Sustainability In today’s throw-away society, the idea of no more toothpaste tubes in landfills is a refreshing idea! Many companies have come up with a product called toothpaste tabs that have a zero waste packaging system. In the United States alone it is estimated that over 400 million plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown…
TMJ Relief through Botox

Botox Injections for TMJ Pain

When you think of Botox, chances are you do not think of the dentist’s chair. While Botox is most often associated with wrinkle treatment, Botox injections for TMJ pain are also very effective. TMJ, or TMD, is short for temporomandibular joint disorder and it can cause mild to severe pain in and around the jaw joint, jaw muscles as well…

Oral HPV and How to Prevent It

Oral HPV has Surpassed Cervical Cancer Human Papillomavirus, or more commonly known as HPV, causes about 31,500 cases of cancer in men and women each year in the U.S. alone. HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer, which is HPV cancer in the mouth and throat area, has surpassed cervical cancer as the most prevalent HPV cancer! In the U.S., certain strains of HPV…
Football Crash

Top Sports That Should Always Use a Mouth Guard

Play Hard, But Protect Those Teeth Using a Mouth Guard Athletic guards or mouth guards are tremendously advantageous for athletes of any age to wear during sporting events. The top sports where you should ALWAYS wear a mouth guard are: Football Hockey Rugby Soccer Basketball Softball/Baseball Volleyball Athletes take elbows, shoulders, balls and athletic equipment to the face and mouth…
dry mouth

Causes and Treatments for Dry Mouth

One in four people are affected by Dry Mouth. That is 25 percent of the population! Dry mouth, or “cottonmouth” as it is commonly known, occurs when your body doesn't produce enough saliva. There are three main categories of patients who experience this condition: Patients who are on multiple prescription drugs (Polypharmacy) Cancer patients Patients who have Sjogren’s Syndrome In…
Sensitive Teeth

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Alleviating Tooth Sensitivity People often struggle with sensitive teeth. The sensitivity can be triggered by drinking cold liquids, eating certain foods, or just because. There are many reasons and causes for sensitive teeth ranging anywhere from tooth decay, misaligned teeth (maloclussion), or even gum recession. Gum Recession and Sensitive Teeth Gum recession is when your gum tissues no longer cover…
Surprising Mouth Facts

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Mouth

5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Mouth Your mouth. You probably take it for granted. All that chewing and talking and expressing are just part of your everyday, but your mouth is actually an incredibly complex environment. Here are five things you probably did not know about the wonders of your mouth. Read up and you can use these…

The Importance of Dental Health During and After Pregnancy

In this blog post about the importance of dental care during and after pregnancy, Dr. Summer Holloway teamed up with Reno OBGYN, Dr. Rafaela Hernandez to bring you complete information on this critical topic for expectant mothers. Pregnancy and Oral Health You’ve taken your prenatal vitamins, gotten all your blood work, and been diligent with your OB doctor visits, but…

Health Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleanings

Clean Mouth, Healthy Body There are many benefits to regular teeth cleaning and oral health maintenance besides just fresh breath (which is important!). Many people do not know that oral health is directly tied to systemic health and can be an early warning sign of larger things going on in your body. Also, an unhealthy mouth can cause overall health…

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