Floss has helped countless patients achieve a healthy and rejuvenated smile through our work in restorative dentistry. See some of the before and afters of patients where we completed procedures such as dental implants, veneers, full mouth reconstruction, dentures, and treated gum disease. Ready to get out of pain and live a better life? Make an appointment today.

Upper and Lower Teeth Restoration Before & After

Kelly Before 2Kelly after upper and lower teeth restored1

Full Mouth Restoration Before & After

Joe2Joe after5

Full Mouth Restoration Before & After

Marty before3Marty after2

Dentures Before & After

Lance BeforeLance After

Dentures Before & After


Dental Crowns Before & After


Composite Bonding Before & After

Composite Bonding BeforeComposite Bonding After

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before & After


Dental Crown and Veneers Before and After


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Reconstruction BeforeReconstruction After

Veneers Before & After


Sealants Before & After