Engel Institute Dental Implant Training

Doc and Kristi Complete Advanced Guided Surgery for Implants and Dentures

At Floss, we make it our mission to always learn and grow in services for our patients. Recently Doc and dental assistant, Kristi, packed their bags and headed back east to historic Charlotte, North Carolina where they attended an implantology course from the Engel Institute. In this four-day course, they specifically learned how All-on-Four implants can convert an existing denture…
Missing Teeth

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth There are many factors that go into the replacing a missing tooth or teeth. How many teeth need to be replaced; does the patient need a fixed or removable solution for the missing teeth; is replacing the missing teeth cosmetic or functional? To replace missing teeth there are three main options a dentist can use…
Dental Office

Common Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

How do I know if I have Periodontal Disease? For many, the first signs of Periodontal Disease (more commonly know as Gum Disease) are bad breath and bleeding gums. Often bleeding gums is seen as commonplace, however it is anything but. If any part of your body starts bleeding on contact, you should be concerned. Bleeding gums are a sign…

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