Juvéderm for Wrinkle Treatment, Lip Enhancement & Parentheses Around Mouth

At Floss we use Juvéderm for wrinkle treatment because it is highly effective at filling in wrinkles, eliminating parentheses around the mouth, and enhancing lips.

Juvéderm is made with hyaluronic acid which is the natural filler substance found in your body. Dr. Holloway will work with you to develop a treatment plan and then administer the facial fillers via injection without any surgery or downtime. This is an ideal solution for patients looking to reinvigorate fullness in the cheeks, fill wrinkle lines around the mouth (especially parentheses around the mouth), or create more defined and fuller lips.

Depending on the area of the face that is being treated, Doc will administer Juvéderm to achieve results that are subtle and long lasting. You can expect to see results immediately and those results will last for one to two years! Doc will review all expectations with you when creating your treatment plan so you have full transparency.

Schedule a Juvéderm Appointment

You can book your appointment for the same time as a teeth cleaning or teeth whitening, or any other dental appointment because we know you are busy! Or you can schedule your wrinkle treatment as its own individual visit if that is more convenient. Usually the injections take anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes depending on the area of the face that is being treated.

Most Common Uses of Juvéderm

To learn more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Holloway today!

  • To soften moderate to severe wrinkles by adding subtle volume around the nose and mouth

  • Add volume to cheeks to correct age-related volume loss

  • Soften the appearance of vertical lip lines and provide lip wrinkle treatment
  • Smooth moderate to severe parentheses lines around the mouth
  • Add fullness and plump the lips
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