General and Restorative

General and Restorative Dentistry

At Floss, general and family dentistry are anything but a boring trip to the dentist’s office.

From the time you enter our historic-home-turned-office in the heart of Downtown Reno’s Arts and Culture District, you are pampered and put at ease by our professional team. We greet you with a refreshing beverage of infused water, coffee or tea before taking you back to the exam room where you are given a warm neck pillow and an individual paraffin hand wax. While in the exam chair, we will not bother you with 1,000 questions that you cumbersomely try to answer while hands and cotton are in your mouth… Instead, we provide you with headphones allowing you to watch or listen to whatever tickles your fancy on one of our flatscreen TVs.

Our general and family dental practice takes care of you and your family from routine oral hygiene appointments and comprehensive exams, to night guards and sports mouth guards, to treatment of bad breath that can often be caused by gum disease also known as periodontal disease. Floss’ team of dental hygienists are top in their field and pride themselves in their ability to put patients at ease and ensure they have a positive dental experience. Not only are they there to care for your oral health but overall systemic health.

Floss also cares for the littlest patients, seeing children starting at age 2 for their first hygiene appointment. Dr. Holloway started her career in pediatrics as a dental assistant and hygiene instructor before getting her DMD and she understands the special care that needs to be taken with the little ones and their teeth. She and her team work to make a trip to the dentist fun for the kiddos including a treasure trunk of toys they can pick from after their appointment.

So now all that is left to do is call and make the appointment for you and your family. And then just relax, you’re at Floss.

Explore General and Family Dental Procedures

Your mouth is the gateway to your health. That is why at Floss we take a systemic approach to dental care and focus on prevention through regular oral exams and cleanings, as well as getting ahead of things like night grinding or gum disease before they become a problem.

Explore Restorative Procedures

Restorative dentistry is key to getting patients out of pain and improving quality of life. Dr. Holloway will work with you to diagnose and prescribe the best solution for your mouth whether that is full or partial dentures, implants, or a root canal. Explore more about the individual procedures to learn the various options and what to expect with each.

Explore Pediatric Procedures

Pediatric dental exams are vital to the overall health and maturity of your child’s teeth. At Floss, we review the child’s overall health history to determine the best course of oral treatment, whether that is routine cleanings, x-rays and check-ups, or creating treatment plans for more advanced care due to genetics or a pre-existing condition. Each child is treated individually to ensure ultimate success as they grow and to create an experience that is pleasing and comforting.

Look and Feel Your Best
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