Dentures Help Restore Quality of Life

There are many reasons for tooth loss such as injury, tooth decay or gum disease.
Dentures can help restore your quality of life by helping you with day-to-day functions, such as eating and speaking, as well as improve your appearance and smile.

Denture Treatment Process

Making a denture is a process that usually takes about 6-12 weeks, however this can vary from one patient to another. Using your mouth as a model, Dr. Holloway will take an impression of the upper and lower arches of your mouth. This impression is then sent to the dental lab so that custom dentures can be created to fit your mouth comfortably.

On your next visit, Doc will note the fit and nuances that best resemble your original bite and in conjunction with you help recommend the shape and color of the denture teeth and gums. Because the color of everyone’s gums varies, and you may have certain goals for the look of your teeth, the Floss team will work with you to choose a solution that looks natural and best fits your mouth.

In the subsequent visits Doc will adjust your bite, test your speech and check the appearance and functionality of the denture teeth and gums. After you are satisfied with the fit and appearance, the denture is sent back to the lab for final fabrication.

Dentures Before and After


Denture Complications

It is important to remember that adjusting to your new dentures is a process. It will take a little bit time to get used to having a complete set of teeth if you have been suffering with missing teeth or partial dentures. After the denture is delivered and fitted, it may require a few adjustment visits and some time for you and your new denture to adapt to one another.

Getting used to your new dentures may also cause some differences in your eating and speaking habits. We will work with you to show you practice techniques in order to get comfortable with your new teeth.

Also, please be aware that a lower denture may be harder to keep in the mouth as opposed to an upper denture. This is in large part to the differences in the shapes of the two jaws and the strong muscle movement of the tongue and cheek. A proper fit will help this to be less of an issue.

Different Denture Options

Advancements in dentures is a constant and ever-evolving practice. One of these advancements is an implant-supported denture that affixes to your mouth and keeps the denture more stable. In this case, Dr. Holloway places implants in your mouth before making the denture, or she can retrofit your current denture after implants are placed, so that the final denture can be fitted snugly into place.

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