Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are made of plastic tooth-colored teeth

Formally known as a removable partial denture, or RPD for short, a partial is a denture for a patient who is missing a portion of their teeth.

It acts as a replacement for teeth playing a duel role of esthetics and functionality. This service is a great alternative for patients who cannot have a bridge or implant (for any number of reasons) such as lack of bone, lack of teeth required to make a bridge, or financial limitations.

Unlike implants and bridges that are fixed (do not come in and out of the mouth once placed) RPD’s are removable, requiring additional care to keep the partial clean as well as the tissues and teeth that they rest on well maintained and hygienic. Partials are made of plastic tooth-colored teeth, a pink or gum colored plastic base, and metal clasps/framework that anchor onto the supporting natural teeth to provide strength and stability.

What to expect with partial dentures

  • Inserting and removing your RPD will require some practice.
  • Esthetics and speech are improved.
  • In the beginning, your RPD will most likely feel bulky or awkward. This is completely normal until you get accustomed to wearing it.
  • If the partial is putting too much pressure on a particular area of your gums or teeth, this area may become sore, requiring adjustments from Dr. Holloway-Kleidosty.
  • Eating initially may be a difficult process but as you get used to your partial denture, you should find eating a much more pleasurable experience than prior to your partial fabrication.
Reno dentist, Dr. Holloway and her dental assistant work on a patient at Floss Dental Boutique
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