Top 3 Doctor Recommended Toothpastes

With all the whitening, strengthening, sensitive, tarter-fighting, 12-hour fresh, promises out there on countless brands and types of toothpaste, it is hard to determine which toothpastes are right for your dental needs. Not to mention which toothpastes hold up to all their marketing promises. Additionally, there are several toothpastes that I highly recommend that are more professional-grade and fly under the radar so you may not have heard of them as much as the household brand names. As a dentist, I get asked this question a lot: “What toothpaste do you recommend?” Well I am here to answer that age-old question with three of my favorites and explain a bit why they have made it to the top of my list.

Clinpro 5000 – To Strengthen Teeth

It may sound more like a space shuttle than a toothpaste, but it packs a powerful punch for people with weakened teeth who need an extra boost of armor for their pearly whites. This multi-mineral toothpaste contains not only fluoride but calcium and phosphate too. It delivers four times the amount of fluoride from over the counter toothpastes, helping to strengthen teeth through a process call remineralization which protects them against decay. It has low abrasion making it safe for all teeth and even exposed roots. Clinpro 5000 is available at Floss Dental Boutique and is a very easy to use and cost effective treatment to strengthen your teeth.

MI Paste – For Sensitive Teeth

This professionally formulated toothpaste not only helps relieve tooth sensitivity but also aids in the replacement of lost minerals in the tooth structure helping to prevent decay. If you have sensitive teeth, you know what a relief it is to find a product that combats that discomfort. MI Paste is my recommend toothpaste to relieve sensitive teeth and it is a great alternative to fluoridated toothpaste as it does not contain any, instead it is made with an ingredient called Recaldent. MI Paste is a specialty product and can be purchased at Floss Dental Boutique. 

Colgate – For Overall Dental Health

Now for a name that probably sounds more familiar: Colgate. This over-the-counter toothpaste not only helps to prevent against, plaque, gingivitis, tarter build-up and bad breath, but it also contains fluoride, strengthening teeth and helping to prevent against cavities. It is one of the most complete drugstore brands of toothpaste available.


For more information on any of these toothpastes or if you would like help determining which one is right for you, get in touch with us at Floss and we would be happy to help.