Clean Mouth, Healthy Body

There are many benefits to regular teeth cleaning and oral health maintenance besides just fresh breath (which is important!). Many people do not know that oral health is directly tied to systemic health and can be an early warning sign of larger things going on in your body. Also, an unhealthy mouth can cause overall health problems if left untreated.

Below are the four most common benefits of regular oral healthcare.

1. Reduces Bad Breath

The most obvious would be brushing twice a day and maintaining regular cleanings by a hygienist to help keep bad breath at bay. No one likes to kiss or speak to someone with bad breath! It can limit job opportunities, your love life, and actually be slightly offensive. Often times bad breath is clinically diagnosed as Periodontal Disease, which can be more severe and should be treated by a dentist. The majority of people, however, can stay minty fresh and clean by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.

2. Reduces Bleeding Gums

Many people mistakenly think of bleeding gums as a nuisance or something that is commonplace and not to worry about it. This is a mistake. Bleeding gums can often be an indicator of infection. Any part of your body bleeding without provocation should be cause for concern.  The same is true with bleeding gums, it is a sign of inflammation or infection. Regular oral care and hygiene visits keeps your mouth clean and free of infection that may irritate gums and cause them to bleed. If bleeding continues with regular care, contact Floss for an appointment.

3. Reduces Bacterial Transmission

Many people are unaware that the state of their oral health directly effects their family members. Babies are born with sterile mouths, any bacteria that they have in their mouth is usually transmitted from loved ones, kissing them, checking to see if their food/milk is too hot, etc.. If you do not have healthy gums and regular cleanings, you could be setting your child up to have the same or similar gum health that you do. The same is true for spouses and partners through kissing. Keep those mouths clean, people, for the sake of your loved ones!

4. Overall Good Oral Health Promotes Overall Good Systemic Health

Bacteria forms a film underneath the gums, a gum pocket forms further trapping bacteria and debris. The bacteria inflame the gum tissues, killing gum tissue cells and can invade connective tissue and blood vessels. Your immune system creates white blood cells and proteins to fight the inflammation. The combination of bacteria, white blood cells, toxins and acute phase proteins damage the cells that line your coronary arteries, resulting in plaque and hardening of the vessels. But this is very easy to avoid. Keep your mouth clean by brushing and flossing regularly, and don’t miss your dental cleanings every six months (3 months for perio patients)!

Oral Care for Systemic Health