The Misuse of Sippy Cups can Lead to Cavities

The sippy cup can often be an essential tool in a parent’s arsenal. They help in the transition from bottle to regular cup at that unstable toddler stage that is primed for big messes. But sippy cups should be used sparingly to protect your child’s dental health – and what you put in them really matters.

Only Use Water in Sippy Cups

Doc strongly advises that only water be used in sippy cups. Tooth decay starts in an acidic and sugary environment. The use of a sippy cup with anything other than water allows for the child to constantly splash their teeth with acid or sugar all day while carrying the cup around. Water in a sippy cup is benign and can contribute to good hydration by allowing your child to sip on water freely throughout the day.

Juice and Milk at Mealtimes Only

Doc recommends that juices and milk only be given at meal times. And it is best practice to water down juice (50% juice/50% water) to decrease sugar consumption. If you are only serving juice and milk at meals, this can be done in a sippy cup, just make sure the liquid in the cup goes away when the meal is done and replaced with water. By only serving juice and milk at mealtimes, it enables the mouth to recover and the pH to neutralize in-between meals, decreasing the chances of early childhood tooth decay and cavities.

Prevention Over Restoration

No parent wants their child to be fearful of the dentist. By decreasing their chances of early childhood decay, we can all work together to make children enjoy going to the dentist for check-ups as opposed to fillings.