Comprehensive Oral Exams

Starting with the head and neck, Dr. Holloway will perform an extraoral exam looking and feeling for any lumps, bumps or swelling. She then does her intraoral exam checking for any abnormalities in the soft tissue, lips, tongue, throat and palate such as red or white discolorations, ulcers, and swellings. The jawbone and gums are also checked for any signs of gingivitis, bone loss, and gum disease as they are the foundation for your teeth. Lastly, your teeth are examined. Doc will be checking them for cavities and any other problems such as fractures or where you may have been experiencing symptoms or have concerns.

X-rays are key to clinical examinations. The majority of problems with your teeth and jawbone are not visible to the naked eye alone. This is why x-rays play a key role in allowing a better more accurate look at problems that may be arising below your teeth and gums such as decay in between the teeth and bone loss from gum and periodontal disease.