Oral Cancer Screenings

As a standard of care at Floss we perform an oral cancer screening at every exam. We take pride in doing everything we can to ensure not only a healthy and beautiful smile but systemic health as well. Early detection of oral cancer is critical in increasing survival rates for patients who have developed an oral cancer. Common risk factors for mouth and throat cancers include heavy consumption of alcohol, tobacco use, particularly when they are used in combination, and infection with HPV.


  • 1 person dies every hour from oral cancer
  • Only 20% of dentists preform oral cancer screenings
  • Most common locations: tongue, lip and floor of mouth
  • 30% of patients do not have any risk factors
  • Men are 2x as likely to get oral cancer

A good rule of thumb is when in doubt, get it out! If Dr. Holloway or her team ever see anything suspicious that does not resolve in a few weeks’ time, a referral for a biopsy will provided.