7 Tips to Keep Your Mouth Healthy at Home

As a result of COVID-19, we have to reschedule all hygiene appointments through April 30th, until further notice. In the meantime, hygienist, Heather, has these 7 tips to keep your teeth healthy until we can see you at the office.

    1. Brush your teeth twice a day, preferably with an electric toothbrush, using a 45 degree angle toward the gum line. Not too aggressive – you know who you are! 😊
    2. Don’t forget to brush your tongue! Bacteria accumulate on other surfaces of the mouth, not just your teeth, which can be a cause of bad breathe.
    3. Floss or Waterpik at least once a day. When flossing I encourage you to do so at night. But our routines are a little wacky right now so I’ll take whenever you can. If you have kiddos, make it a family thing. Show the kiddos how it’s done! Wrap each tooth in a “c” shape to get under the gum.
      The waterpik is actually a better alternative to flossing alone because it will floss between teeth, remove food and bacteria, while also massaging the gums. I personally see better results when you use your waterpiks. Remember, you can add 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (1/3 peroxide to water reservoir) if you notice any bleeding.
    4. Use a mouth rinse daily and gargle for 30 seconds. My favorite is ACT due to the fluoride to help prevent decay and hyper-sensitivity. Please avoid those that contain alcohol as they can irritate your tissues.
    5. Now for my coffee, tea, and red wine drinkers! Rinse with water after to help neutralize the acidity of these drinks, but also to prevent staining. Also, shorten the duration in which you drink/eat acidic foods to prevent decay. For example, don’t sip on coffee all day long because your mouth won’t be able to neutralize.
    6. My at-home whiteners – If you’re just starting a whitening program (whether we previously made you custom trays or you picked up Opalescence Go Trays) pick a start day, and use daily for 4-6 consecutive days. If sensitivity occurs, stop for a day then resume when they feel better. You can try a sensitive toothpaste with potassium nitrate to help. Continue to whiten until you reach your desired shade then you can maintain and whiten when you feel them looking dull again. Our bleaching products are 100 percent safe for your enamel so you can bleach as much as you want. Remember to use a very small amount and not spread it around once on your teeth. Try not to get it on your gums, but if you do, Vitamin E and coconut oil are great for relieving the gums from too much whitening gel.
    7. For my hyper-sensitive patients (referring to your teeth, not your personalities 😊) make sure you are using your Clinpro every night and not rinsing before bed. Use 5 percent potassium nitrate toothpaste consistently twice a day.

Don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental health as well! Miss you all and can’t wait to hopefully see you again starting in May!