Get Your Oral Cancer Screening During Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, there is a death from oral cancer every 60 minutes. The reason your providers at Floss Dental Boutique stress both professional and self-screenings is that we know the survival rate from these cancers is dramatically affected by early diagnosis. In fact, four out of every 10 cases are fatal within five years without early…

Five At-Home Treatments to Relieve Tooth Pain

How to relieve a toothache Dr. Holloway recommends that when in doubt, seek your dentist out! Often times, once a tooth hurts, it is too late to have minimal or no treatment at all. If there is only sensitivity when eating or drinking cold foods and drinks, waiting to see if it subsides is perfectly reasonable. If the pain is…

Causes of Bad Breath and Bad Breath Home Remedies

What causes bad breath and how to fix it Bad breath, or halitosis, can be very frustrating and embarrassing. There are many factors that cause bad breath both from your mouth and sometimes even systemically. The most common causes of bad breath are: Poor oral hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing daily in addition to using a mouth rinse helps keep…

Strategies to Quit Tobacco

Kick Your Tobacco Habit to the Curb Quitting smoking or chewing can be some of the most difficult habits to overcome. Most people are addicted to the nicotine as well as dependent on the habit during certain situations: high stress, boredom, nervousness, certain times of day, etc.. Smoking and chewing habits tend to be very different. Chewing, whether it be…
dry mouth

Causes and Treatments for Dry Mouth

One in four people are affected by Dry Mouth. That is 25 percent of the population! Dry mouth, or “cottonmouth” as it is commonly nicknamed, occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough saliva. There are three main categories of patients who experience dry mouth: Patients who are on multiple prescription drugs (Polypharmacy) Cancer patients Patients who have Sjogren’s Syndrome In…
Sensitive Teeth

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Alleviating Tooth Sensitivity People often struggle with sensitive teeth. The sensitivity can be triggered by drinking cold liquids, eating certain foods, or just because. There are many reasons and causes for sensitive teeth ranging anywhere from tooth decay, misaligned teeth (maloclussion), or even gum recession. Gum Recession and Sensitive Teeth Gum recession is when your gum tissues no longer cover…

Save Your Teeth From These 5 Foods

Acidic Foods are the Enemy of Your Enamel Cavity causing bacteria love an acidic and sugary environment. It is a common misconception that if the food or drink does not contain any sugar my teeth are safe. But that is so far from the truth. Acid is often the main culprit in creating an environment ripe for decay. Our mouths…

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